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Fastcomet Reviews and Expert Opinion

Fastcomet Reviews and Expert Opinion

FastComet was established in 2013. Since its establishment, it offers best quality features, functionalities and always cares about the security of its users. There are thousands of web hosting companies available, but this FastComet is a company that is amazing from all of them. Despite many popular webs hosting companies merge with multinational conglomerates, this company always stands alone independently. As well as, this company gives a very fast loading time to its users for enhance their working experience. In the FastComet, there are different options such as WooCommerce, OpenCart, Magento and WordPress hosting. Basically under three categories, this company provides its web hosting services. These three categories are Dedicated CPU, Shared Cloud and VPS Cloud. According to thousands of users, this company is very professional and provides best speed and transfer domain.

Pricing Range

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Fastcomet Expert Review

Last Update | June 2022

FastComet is based on the private web hosting firm of San Francisco. Basically this firm is one of the most capable and best firms. It offers best cloud and shared hosting services. Moreover, it comes with such a reasonable price so people can afford it easily. Another plus point of this company is that its customer support service is quite impressive. It is true that this company is not so popular among people like others companies. But it gives best quality services to all of its users without any high cost. If you are a person who wants to build a high quality web hosting company, you should try FastComet for sure. It offers best features and functionalities for make your experience amazing.

On the other hand, it is one of those amazing companies which are equally suitable for both starters and experts. It provides its packages for all kind of users for better performance. It presents biggest eCommerce store to a very small shop conveniently. You will also see a cost assurance in it. This cost assurance makes it very reliable for use. Furthermore, this company is considered being best because it supports all kind of hosting approximately. There are plenty of data centres where this company is in used. People rely on this company as compared to many expensive web hosting companies all over the world. In case of any confusion, you can take help from its customer support service that is available for 24/7.

Why FastComet is best for use?

1. Website Security

FastComet comes with amazing web security. It uses Immunify360 so you will get SSL certificate for free. This certificate wills safe you from so many harms. It provides daily malware scan as well as a web app firewall that remains on always.

2. Optimized Hosting

It allows you to do optimize hosting. Through this company, you can easily increase the speed of your website. As well as, it offers AMD EPYC CPU, CDN, WordPress LiteSpeed Cache and NVMe SSD for free. These options will improve your performance excellently.

3. 24/7 Available Customer Support Service

For the convenience of its users, it comes with a very strong customer support services. Basically it provides high quality technical support for users. This service is very well managed which fix problems with super-fast speed. This support is available for 24/7 so you can get help whenever you want.

4. cPanel Hosting

It doesn’t matter which plan you are using, cPanel is free for all plans by FastComet. Actually it gives all of its services with cPanel. This panel is considered one of the best panels. It is very secures and most accessible panel actually.

5. Bundled Services are Free

This company offers a huge range of excellent options. It provides server and website monitoring, free website migration, weekly as well as daily backups and DDoS protection that remains on always. Also, all these options are free completely.

6. 11 Datacentres

Through 11 datacentres located in the Europe, Oceania, Asia and North America strategically this company offers solutions for all kind of website confusions. Where you feel problem, you will get help.

7. Money-back Guarantee

This company comes with an extremely reasonable pricing plan. You can buy it in without spending too much money. As well as, this company offers a money-back guarantee. It provides 45 days money-back guarantee. In the starting 45 days, you can cancel your subscription easily.

Easy to Use

FastComet is supremely easy to use and understand. As well as, there is no problem for signing in. Basically it never required for any fancy installation process or some other tools. You can install it very easily in your device. Also, upsells are also very few. All of its users can purchase it by using their PayPal or credit cards conveniently. The best thing about it is that its dashboard is very clear and well managed. By using this dashboard, users can get access to the different parts such as support, products and monitoring very easily. On the other hand, it comes with extremely easy to understand features and tools. Moreover, due to simple functionalities even beginners can know the right method of its use. In case of any confusion or problem, there is a customer support service is also available. This service is available for 24/7. Similarly, technical support is also given that is amazing for understanding all functions quickly.

How to use FTP to edit files?

With this FastComet, you can arrange the files of your website by using SSH and FTP easily. You can also use cPanel for manage files in a better way. Basically when you sign up with it, you will receive a welcome email. Through this email, you will get your hostname, server IP address, and password and cPanel username. On the other hand, from cPanel you can also create extra FTP accounts easily except to the default FTP account. But when you create additional accounts, these accounts are not capable to work with the SFTP protocol.

Fastcomet Pros

  • This web hosting provider offers quite good loading speed. Basically its loading speed is above average.
  • It comes with a 45 days money-back guarantee that makes it very reliable.
  • For users improved experience, it provides a customer support services. This service is available for 24/7. You can get this support through chat, mail, ticket or call according to your convenience.
  • Its infrastructure is powered by Linode that is very well organized and stable.
  • This service comes with fixed price. It requires only one time fee that is really straightforward.
  • For this service, there are thousands of datacentre locations available in almost all popular countries of the world.
  • Lots Of Freebies (Backups, SSL, Domain)
  • It gives you opportunity to three website migrations for your new accounts without any cost.
  • It provides routine backups. Its backup system is available on the weekly and daily basis. Therefore, you can select any backup system according to you.

Fastcomet Cons

  • The dashboard which is available in it can make some troubles. According to some users, its dashboard is not working smoothly every time.
  • For the South Africa and America, it has no server locations available that is quite irritating.
  • This service never offers all of its features for free plan. There are plenty of features like RockBooster only available in the expensive plan.
  • The domain name in not free rather costs yearly.
  • With this service, downtimes are very usual. Due to very often downtimes you cannot ignore them.
  • The disk space is very limited. Especially for multiple website customers, the disk space is very less.

Fastcomet Prices , Plans & June 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel No of Sites Price Score Links
Iron 10 GB 10.04 GB 1 $0.50
BRONZE PACKAGE 50 GB Unlimited 1 $0.60
SILVER PACKAGE 100 GB Unlimited 5 $0.99
GOLD PACKAGE Unlimited Unlimited 10 $1.50

Vps Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel No of Sites Price Score Links

Dedicated Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel No of Sites Price Score Links
Managed Server - D4 80 GB $39.50
Managed Server - D8 140 GB $59.50
Managed Server - D16 300 GB $94.50
Managed Server - D8 70 GB $150.00
Managed Server - D16 140 GB $284.00
Managed Server - D32 900 GB $459.00

Cloud Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel No of Sites Price Score Links
START-UP RESELLER 50 GB Unlimited $1.80
PRO RESELLER 250 GB Unlimited $2.99
UNLIMITED RESELLER Unlimited Unlimited $5.99
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