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Reviews and Expert Opinion

Reviews and Expert Opinion

As well as, it provides best quality services to its users hassle freely. Moreover, when you create a website through this service you can offer fast loading speed to your visitors and customers. Furthermore, it always cares about the privacy and security of customers. When you use this service, you don’t need to be worried about the loss of any personal data. Basically there are lots of good reasons which make Hostinger best from so many other expensive web hosting companies. On the other hand, it contains three shared hosting plans. These plans are Single, Premium and Business so you can pick according to your needs. Similarly, it’s all three plans are equally compatible with the hPanel and cPanel. Also, it includes auto installation of WordPress that is extremely easy. There is plenty of content management system also available.


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Hostinger is one of those best web hosting providers which also comes with best web hosting plans. All of its web hosting plans available for different online apps and different kind of websites. Other than that, there are plenty of unique features and tools also given. This useful service provider offers tutorial for explaining the use of Hostinger. Through this tutorial, you can understand every features and tools effectively. Basically there are thousands of people who use this company for make their business successful. Before buy any plan, you can check out all of its hosting plans for selecting better option. Once you learn everything about hosting plans, you can choose best one for you. On the other hand, Website Planet is available in so many languages. It means people who are related to this services or called its experts, scattered a number of popular countries.

Why Hostinger is best for use?

1. 99% Uptime Guarantee

This company provides 99% uptime guarantee. This guarantee is its best features because it makes your site available for maximum time. It makes sure the site stays up for all the time.

2. eCommerce Tools

This powerful hosting company is able to create an online store. Through this store, you can sell all of your services and goods conveniently.

3. Money-back Guarantee

It comes with the 45 days money-back guarantee. Because of this guarantee, you can get your hosting fees back in case of any dissatisfaction for other issues.

4. cPanel Access

Due to cPanel access, you can control your website in a professional manner effectively. Through this cPanel, you become able to keep a very sharp eye on every operation which is happening.

5. Quick Installation

For its installation, there is no difficult process required. It can be install quickly with just a single click. Also, right after its installation, you can build your websites seamlessly.

Advance Features

  • Comes with Subversion Repository (SVN)
  • Offers Canned CGI Scripts
  • Gives full CGI access
  • Provides unlimited MySQL databases
  • Comes with the support of IPv6
  • Unlimited SFTP users
  • Server Side Includes
  • HostGator Portal Control Panel
  • Provides support for PHP 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3
  • Gives Secure Shell (SSH) access
  • Offers support for Perl, Rails, Python
  • Comes with Reseller & Sub accounts
  • Gives access to Raw Log Files
  • Crontab Access
  • Full Unix Shell

Which Plan is best?

Hostinger comes with some amazing web hosting options. These options are available for different needs of users. Basically web hosting plans are different because of fulfilling several goals. You can pick any hosting plan according to your choice and requirements. As well as, you should pick a web hosting plan which suits you. Through your selected plan you can optimize and manage your websites in a far better way.

Available Hosting Plans:

  1. Cloud Hosting
  2. CMS Hosting
  3. Shared Hosting
  4. VPS Hosting
  5. eCommerce Hosting
  6. Minecraft Server Hosting

1. Cloud Hosting

For host website, Cloud Hosting uses multiple virtual servers. Basically the purpose of using multiple servers is that in case of any problem, other server work perfectly. Therefore, you can complete all your tasks without and hassle. Additionally, for high traffic websites this Cloud Hosting is an amazing choice. It is also best for multimedia websites and online stores as well.

2. CMS Hosting

CMS Hosting is best option for manage all kind of websites easily. If you know which CMS you are required, this CMS hosting can be really helpful for you. As well as, it can easily setup websites

3. Shared Hosting

Through Shared Hosting service, resources are shared between almost all users such as processing power and memory on the server. Also, it uses the same server for hosting plenty of websites conveniently. The best thing about Shared Hosting, it is amazingly suitable for newbies. Similarly, for all small businesses and blogs, you can use it for getting excellent results.

4. VPS Hosting

This hosting is is one of the best hosting services among all type of users. It is best option for web applications, resources intensive websites and online game servers as well. Furthermore, VPS Hosting offers dedicated resources through creating a virtual partition for every user.

5. eCommerce Hosting

This hosting plan is best for those people who want to build an online store. As well as, there are two eCommerce hosting plans such as Woo-Commerce Hosting and PrestaShop Hosting. You can take advantage of these hosting plans according to your needs.

6. Minecraft Server Hosting

This hosting plan is extremely easy to setup. Minecraft Server Hosting is best for the people who want to create a website for their own self. Basically Minecraft player use it for create their own server for tailor the game for their preferences easily. For this purpose, this hosting plan is best for you. In this hosting plans, plugin installer, dedicated IP address, automatic backup and a mod also available.


  • This web hosting company is completely free to install. As well as, there is no setup fee required.
  • It offers excellent email service to its users.
  • For better experience and data safety, it offers daily backups which are fully free.
  • It gives 99% uptime time. This guarantee makes your website available for maximum time.
  • It comes with best customer support services. This customer support service is available for 24/7.
  • This company contains a very simple and user friendly interface.
  • Because of extremely easy features and functionalities, even a beginner can use it without any technical help.


  • It offers very less storage space that is not enough for larger website building.
  • There are so many features and tools which are quite difficult to understand.
  • In this service, website speed is not consistent.
  • There is no SSL certificate available that is quite disappointment.

Prices , Plans &

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel No of Sites Price Score Links
Single Shared Hosting 50 GB SSD Storage 100 GB Bandwidth 1 Website $ 1.99 /mo
Premium Shared Hosting 100 GB SSD Storage Unlimited Bandwidth 100 Websites $ 2.99 /mo
Business Shared Hosting 200 GB SSD Storage Unlimited Bandwidth 100 Websites $ 4.99 /mo

Vps Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel No of Sites Price Score Links
VPS 1 20 GB 1 TB Unlimited $1.99/mo
VPS 2 40 GB 2 TB Unlimited $3.99/mo
VPS 3 60 GB 3 TB Unlimited $5.99/mo
VPS 4 80 GB 4 TB Unlimited $7.99/mo
VPS 5 120 GB 6 TB Unlimited $23.95/mo
VPS 6 160 GB 8 TB Unlimited $38.99/mo
VPS 7 200 GB 10 TB Unlimited $57.99/mo
VPS 8 250 GB 12 TB Unlimited $77.99/mo

Dedicated Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel No of Sites Price Score Links

Cloud Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel No of Sites Price Score Links
Startup 200 GB Unlimited
Professional 250 GB Unlimited
Enterprise 300 GB Unlimited
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